Sunday, 31 March 2013

Custom Made Projects this Month!

Hello all, hope you are all enjoying the Easter weekend. We have not got anything special planned just chilling at home which is sometimes the nicest thing you can do lol! I think the kids may disagree a bit. Other than trying to make grumpy babies happy this holiday I have had a few lovely custom made projects.

One which I posted a picture of on my facebook page the other day.

Two teardrop (pear drops) necklaces. They are Swarovski crystals and the bail is also Swarovski, with a sterling silver chain, I actually changed the chain at the last minute as I felt they needed a longer chain but will upload the new pics when they are ready. I love this particular project as the two necklaces are for two ladies who are twins. Two amazing lovable ladies I can just eat to bits :D and it is so cute that they even when both are mothers still like to get things that are similar. Each got to choose her own color though :).

It seems that I am not the only one that loves these paired necklaces as another two young ladies who are cousins have also ordered them, and again two different colors. Pictures will be available soon. This is a great gift to treat yourself and share it with the person closest to you, whether a friend, sister, mother, cousin it is just a great personal gift.

Final project that I wanted to tell you guys about is something that looks like this item from my shop,
One of my friends has ordered it for her mother as her mother loves pearls, however, I like to add a different touch of character to each piece I make and so instead of choosing the same pendant I have gone for something a little different .. Keep following this space for picture updates ..

Follow my next blog post as you will get to see lots of lots of my pics :) .. one final note I have been working on a project that I mentioned previously that is still going ahead however it has just been paused due to finalising orders, I would just like to throw a question out there .. for a formal occasion that you are wearing a beaded tiara/headband with your dress would you choose a matching necklace or bracelet or maybe both ?? mmm .. let me know what you prefer! 

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