Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mummy Time :)

Hiya Beauties ..
I hope you all had a brilliant Tuesday, I know that I mostly talk about my jewellery and new interests. But this is a bit different. For those who don't know me, I am a mother of two year old twins. As any other two year olds they are starting to figure out that they can actually say no and choose things. This is very frustrating, as I am sure every mother has experienced. I actually don't mind them choosing or expressing their opinion, I get frustrated when they just don't like anything for the sake of not liking anything. Or so it seems.

Okay lets talk food, and please bear with me, as I do need advice. They wont eat anything! And I don't mean they like crisps and not vegetables (although crisps is sometimes the only winner), they just wont eat. Thank God they are a good weight not too thin so sometimes I feel that I'm worrying to much. But am I? Let me give you an example so you get a picture, this is a list of things I offered them today:

Breakfast time:
- Cheese Sandwich (Not interested)
- Porridge (Nope!)
- Cake (Had a tiny bit)
Then I gave up and just offered milk and made sure they drank it.

Dinner time:
- Rice and vegetables (Not interested)
- Tuna Sandwich (Which they used  to like but no not anymore)
- Oven cooked fish and rice (Nope)
- Cheese and Onion Pate (Yup they had that with juice)

Supper time:
- Yogurt (No)
- Custard (No)
- Cookie (No)
- Muffin (No)
- Anything!!!!!!!! They went to the kitchen in the end and chose crisps and they have milk before bed.

So everyday it's the same process, I don't offer the same things as we have different things or leftovers, whatever is available. But is this normal for this age? I tried new recipes and it seemed they didn't like things that look different to what they are used to. They like pastry things like instead of cheese and onion it could be chicken or vegetable, they will like it. I even tried peanut butter today but that didn't go well down too well.

If anyone has any advice? or faced the same thing? Are they going to grow out of it? I was never a picky child with my food so this is very strange for me, and sometimes I just feel I run out of ideas very quickly and then patience. Help!

We all have our own experiences in life, sharing is great so others can learn and help. Sharing is caring :) x


  1. Don't Worry about it .. just a phase happens to all kids they will soon grow out of it you just need to keep offering them the healthy foods and try not to give in too easily :)

  2. Thanks for the advice lovely :)