Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Beauty of Friendship

Hiya beauties .. :)

Today I have some pictures for you of my latest addition to my shop. It is the two necklace friendship set. Friendship is precious gift that I think should be celebrated, you may have many friends but if you have that one close friend that knows all your faults but still loves you, then you are the luckiest person in the world. Good and bad times come and go but friends are the one thing that we never want to loose. This set is to celebrate this special relation shop that you share with that special friend.

This is a set of two necklaces made with Sterling Silver chains and a single Swarovski Drop (pear drop) connected to an amazing Swarovski Crystal bail. This is very elegant and looks great, yes I already have one lol!! (I chose the Ruby color ;)) .. You and your friend can choose any color of a choice of colors and you will get your necklaces in one box wrapped together so that you can share them. Please click here to see more pics and visit my shop.

Show your friends how much you appreciate them, a friend can be neighbor  a sister, a mother or even your daughter. Show them how much you mean to them. This set can be made in more than two if you wish to share this amazing gift with more than one person, why not share the love in a bigger group. :)

Have a lovely weekend .. I hear we are to have some sunshine!! wohooo! :D

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