Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Blue Jade Pendant with Swarovski Crystal Clusters

I have had a few productive days, first I finished the earrings that I told you guys about in my previous post. Then yesterday I finished yet another project that I had started a while ago but didn't finish. I usually carry some of my tools, beads and wire around wherever I go, as sometimes I like to try things see what they look like, or get some time to myself where I can try out new designs. This is why some projects I would start but then I would have to stop, there are many reasons that would lead me to stop, but mostly because I need something that I didn't pack so when I get home that is what I need to do.

This is a picture of the new necklace:

I have not yet uploaded this to my shop but will post the website for you when I do. To tell you a bit more about this necklace it is a wire wrapped pendant necklace. The large teardrop in the middle is a blue jade drop. The small cluster crystals and the crystals wrapped in the chain are all Swarovski crystals. I love working with semi precious stones and Swarovski crystals, it just gives the whole design so much more elegance and great quality.

It took me until 3am in the morning to finish this, so when my husband tried waking me up at 8am, that wasn't going to happen lol! He was trying to tell me that my alarm was ringing and he said I just looked at him took my phone and put it under my pillow and continued to sleep. I was reacting in my sleep honest I didn't do it on purpose lol!! 

This jade teardrop is from a pack of four beads that I purchased together, I just loved the color and the shape. Although I didn't have ideas for them at the time I have now made two of them into pendants for my necklaces, and have an idea already for the other two which I plan to make into earrings. So I am glad I bought them :). Usually when I see beads I like, I do buy them knowing that they will come in use some day lol!! 

I will go to sleep now it's like 2 am here in the UK, plus I was trying to get a soap episode online because I missed it, that's not happening so disappointed me :(. Other than that I am excited about some plans I am making for the weekend in shaa Allah will tell you all about them.. also might be making some jewellery especially for that occasion.. so yaaaaay!! :D

Good night everyone xx

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