Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Quick Catch Up ..

Starting from where I left off before, I had told you guys that I started some earrings which I finally finished :). Here are some pics that I wanted to share with you, hope you like them.

It took me a bit of time to finish these as there is a lot of wire wrapping and a lot of small crystals to work with, but I love them, if I say so myself. Blue is totally my favorite color and I am actually thinking of making some more this style for myself. So if you like these watch out they may just disappear from my shop and make an appearance in my jewellery box. lol!

This week it's all about earrings in my crafts room. I have some weeks where I'm just in the mood to make something in particular and this week it's earrings. I finished these earrings and have already started working on some other earrings, again Swarovski Crystals but won't say too much .. it's a surprise!!

On a different note, today I have been researching on new and healthy recipes for toddlers as my twins are 26 months now and have all of a sudden become extremely picky about food. I will share with you if I find anything interesting but please let me know if you have come across this with your kids, how did you go about it? and just if you have any other thought? Please, also let me know what you think of my new earrings in the comments section below, they will be available in my shop very soon.

Nite nite lovelies xx

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