Sunday, 3 March 2013

Swarovski Long Earrings .. Spring Inspired

I have a new piece to talk to you about today, I made new earrings that you can now find on my Etsy page at:

I have been working on this project for some time and only had time to finish it last night. It was really nice working on it after the kids were sleeping and I had a bit of time to myself and my toys. :). These earrings look really nice and the colors are great together. I started by making the wire loops and then started to choose different Swarovski crystals from my beads, putting them together and wire wrapping each one by one.

After a lovely sunny weekend I was left inspired to make a colorful and springy piece of jewelry. The purple teardrop crystals are also wire wrapped with a little crystal attached to the front which made it blend in with the clusters to the side. I love working with Swarovski elements their color shines through amazingly and they always look great.

I hope you like this piece and you don't forget you can find it in my shop. Please press follow to the side >> as there will be some offers coming soon make sure you don't miss out.

Good night everyone :)

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