Sunday, 14 April 2013

Thank you for your Confidence in me .. Custom Made Projects

Hello beauties ..

This is a quick post to show you two projects that I have been working on the past few weeks...

First is a freshwater pearl bracelet that you may have seen on my facebook page or store.

This has been custom made, the lady who ordered it wanted a unique and bespoke bracelet for her mother. She required that it be made with freshwater pearls and have a pendant/ brooch like bead in the middle, and so this is what the resulted item turned out to be :) .. I hope that her mother does like it.
This is now in my shop, as one of my customized bracelets, you may remember that I have one very similar already in my shop, the main difference between the, is that this center piece is made from pearls and rhinestones, while the other is only rhinestones. This is to give more variety in choosing. Of course all my customized items can't be exactly the same but I put pictures to show you show you the end result of something similar, to show the design, quality and uniqueness. 

This is another bespoke project. It is a headband that I was required to use two colors, peach and grey. Material and design was left up to me, thank you for your confidence :) .. this is the end design I will be adding more pictures or the whole tiara. I am happy with the result and over joyed that my lovely customer loved her tiara.. This will also be available at my shop.

All items at my shop are individually handmade with the most care, if you would like to order anything bespoke, please feel free to contact me on facebook, etsy, or email:

Have a happy Monday :) x

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