Friday, 10 May 2013

Finally Moved

Hello ladies,

I have finally ,moved woohoooo :). I know a week later I tell you sowi! But seriously moving when you have young children, even if you are getting all the help in world .. WARNING!!.. Not a good idea. I now know lol!

My little two monkies when I took them for a walk on that one sunny day .. you can tell I got excited and got ready for summer lol! 

We started packing two weeks ago believe it or not, and actually started moving our stuff exactly a week ago, and yet the flat is a mess. But I have been to ikea to look at all the lovely storage facilities that they have hoping that I will sort this flat out. Well, at least my intentions are in the right place ;). Hopefully by Monday I should have sorted a lot of things out so we have more busy days ahead of us.

There are two things that I think are SUPER cool that I got from ikea, first a toy storage from the children's section its just like a frame with plastic boxes, it's really easy to put together, but what I love most about it is that the boxes are not like normal drawers. I always have this fear that one of the twins will trap their finger in a drawer, hence I try not to have any drawers that they can reach or get into, and these boxes don't close tightly together so their fingers can be trapped, which for me is extremely comforting. This is a link to one of the designs that they have, this is not the exact one that I got as I had to get a smaller one, but there are all different shapes and sizes so you can pick out something that is suitable for your space.

Another item that I got that I love. Is a hanger that is made out of circles stuck together, I love this idea as it is really useful. I have lots of scarves, as one does, and I am going to organize them in this hanger and hope that it would make it easier for me to keep them tidy. As for now they are still in the moving box, yes they have been there for a week it's terrible I know. Although some have been taken out by the one and only Hana, as she decided she wanted to play with them lol!

Other than that ikea is just the same old stuff, these idea might not be new but it's the first time I see them so I thought I'd share them with you, you may find them useful too.

As well as settling in and getting the twins used to the area, I am also preparing for the Craft Exchange event that is happening next weekend. It is going to be amazing so be there I was to meet all you lovely ladies and we can chat all day. I am hoping to have a kids free day lol! If that is at all possible or you may just have the pleasure of seeing my little ones running around and exploring. I have just updated some new items to my shop so don't forget to pop over and check them out, like them, leave me comments .. I always love hearing from you guys.

It's bed time for me now as twins will soon be up and ready to start a new day full of naughty things that they yet are to discover and do lol! Sweet dreams everyone xx

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