Sunday, 8 December 2013

New Collection Launch

Hello Beauties ..

As many of you would have already seen that I have launched my new collection this month, but not only that I have also launch a new look along with a few signature designs. If you have not yet seen my collection you can view it here.

First of all about my new logo, complements go to the beautiful Ranya who is an amazing upcoming designer. She was super helpful and did not mind my pickiness (don't think that is a word lol!), I felt bad I'm usually not very picky :D. This is the end result which I totally love and you will be seeing everywhere hopefully.

I have changed the gift packaging now it looks totally cool I will be posting up some pics for you too. All exciting new things about the look and feel of my whole brand, felt we needed a little bit of a change. I'm in the process of changing some things around the house or adding lets say, changing my workshop, my brand .. who can tell I'm board? lol! But it's a good thing.

Now moving to my signature designs, there are a three specific designs that are related to Hana Designs, not all of them are in the store yet, but I want to share with you one that I have fallen in love with. It looks stunning, simple, elegant, you can wear it every day, or dress it up, it is just perfect. Below is a photo of one of the designs that I have used this technique in. You can find the same look in different gems or pearl, in different colors and sizes. So far this has been the most popular of all the newly added items. I have also made my very own request (I haven't made it yet though lol!)

For me this a perfect choice, as a mother of two I find it hard to wear earrings, especially that I like dangly earrings. I get scared that one of them will try to take it out lol! Kids these days are just too curious lol! But these are simple yet beautiful and elegant, not too flashy so I can wear them every day, yet if I'm dressing up it still looks great, and it looks like I have even made an effort, when if you're like me there is no time to make any effort. :D

These are made with Sterling silver and Swarovski white pearls, you can order them in any color pearl. With the same design I have a pair that are made with Semi Precious Aquamarine, and coming soon will be a pair made with Semi Precious Agate. All have their matching necklace sets that you can also purchase from Hana Designs. To see these earrings click here.

There will be more updates coming your way including the Christmas best seller so keep a look out for that. If you have any questions regarding my collection please do not hesitate to message me any time.

Noha xx

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